man working in working overalls at a machine tool

We are not like every other custom molder..

We serve a wide range of industries, but where we excel and specialize in, is hard to mold materials.

  • Family owned for over 20 years
  • 13 injection molding machines from 75 to 770 US tons
  • Serving the Consumer Market, Safety and Rescue, and the Construction and Agriculture Markets
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Our Services

Tooling & Part Design

Rimer & Rimer can provide comprehensive parts, tooling design and modification. With partnerships for tooling and part design.

Injection Molding

Rimer & Rimer offers injection molding services through out the Southeast United States. We process most commercially available thermoplastics.

Assembly Packaging

We offer assembly services from basic to the most complex. We can also aid in packaging design for functional fit.

From lawn mowers to pool filter cleaners. We make plastics in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

Resort Private pool has weekly check maintenance test, Salt Meter Level, to make sure water is clean and can swim

Consumer Goods

Lawn and garden

Pool equipment


Sporting goods

Musical accessories

Construction engineer hodling construction drawing and smart tablet with foreman worker checking construction site for new Infrastructure construction project

Construction and Agriculture

Tree staking anchor

Dosing tools

Window and door components

HVAC components

Heavy equipment assemblies

Police Car Lights

Rescue and Safety Equipment

Strobe light parts

Over-molded knives and sheath

Buckles, harnesses, and housings

Guards and shields

Nozzle for plastic injection molding machine parts

Specialty Manufacturing

Blade and insert molding

Magnetic additive

Custom color and effects molding

Custom assembly and packaging

R&D tooling and sampling

Stop losing money on Un-Reliable Suppliers

Give us a chance, submit your job/project info and we will take the time to review and let you know if it falls in line with our specialty services.